Art and Graphic Design

Getting started with graphics software

Making an abstract picture using Paint or Paint.NET is a great way to get kids started with graphics software.

Here’s a simple three step process:

Step 1.  Use the outline shape tools to draw shapes on screen.

Step 2.  Use the bucket flood fill tool to fill the shapes with colour.

Step 3.  Add one or more visual effects to the picture and save it.

Here’s an example below:

Drawn with Paint.NET.  Animated with MS Gif Animator
Drawn with Paint.NET. Animated with MS Gif Animator

Click here to see an asymmetrical example by Sophie.


Hello world!

Hello world and hello especially to students, teachers and parents of Winters Flat, Guildford, Campbells Creek, Castlemaine, Castlemaine North and Malmsbury Primary Schools.   I built my first website in 1993 and have posted on more blogs than I can remember, but this is my first post on my own blog, so there’s lots to learn.  Now … which button do I press!?