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Sharing school staff calendars

Here is a way to share Google Calendars so that school staff can add events and make changes anywhere, anytime.  Each member of staff shares their calendar with colleagues.  Each event is marked with the email address of the person who creates it and the event is visible and editable by any other member of staff.   This approach also allows one ICT facilitator to set up the mutual sharing of all calendars provided each member of staff sets their calendar permissions to allow the ICT facilitator to “Make changes AND manage sharing”.


First choose “Settings” under “My Calendars”. (Double click images in this post to see larger versions.)

Then choose “Share this calendar” (or “Shared: Edit settings” if the calendar was previously shared).


Then follow the four steps below:

1. Choose “Make changes AND manage sharing” (This is a privelege for trusted colleagues only).

2. Enter the email address of the person you wish to share the calendar with.

3. Choose “Add Person” or select the person’s email address if it is recognised as you type.

4. Choose “Save”

_2agoogle calendar sharing

Once you have allowed an ICT facilitator to manage your calendar sharing, he or she can go through the process of seeing that your calendar is shared with each colleague and that each colleague’s calendar is shared with yours.  You can do this yourself if you share your calendar using the process above for each colleague and each colleague shares his or her calendar with you.  (For an alternative approach, see ‘Creating a shared Google calendar for school events’ above.)

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Creating a Google Account for Edumail users

1.    Go to the Google Apps Edumail domain by typing “” into your browser address bar (or use a desktop shortcut or bookmark to get there instead).

2.    Choose “create an account here” (lower left of screen) and complete the steps that follow.

3.    Check your edumail account, click on the confirmation link and you’ll be taken to a Google webpage confirmring that your email address has been verified.  Then choose “Click here to continue” and you’ll be able to use Google Apps to communicate, share and collaborate with colleagues who use Edumail.

UPDATE: Google closed “Google Apps for Teams”, the system being used by DEECD. Fortunately, there is an even better alternative for Edumail users – Google Apps for Education (GAFE). With GAFE you can even redirect your edumail to your Google Apps account and have all the convenience and portability of gmail for your professional communications.

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Google Apps desktop shortcut for Edumail users

Last year the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) migrated 1.2 million students to Google Apps after having moved 1.5 million students to Gmail in 2008.  Now Victoria’s Deparment of Education and Early Childhood Education (DEECD) has setup a domain for teachers and admin staff using Edumail.

Here’s how to create a desktop shortcut to Google Apps for Edumail users.

1.    Right click on the desktop and choose “New”, then “Shortcut”

2.    Type the location: “”, then choose “Next”

3.    Type “Google Apps” as the name for the shortcut, then choose “Finish”.