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Kids love Voki characters on their blogs

Click the play button below each character to hear them speak.
Here are some more examples on student blogs:
Lucy (Yr 6 Winters Flat PS), Bailey (Yr 5 Winters Flat PS), Maya (Yr 5 Guildford PS), Kate (Yr 1 Guildford PS)

To put a Voki avatar on your blog, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the Voki website at www.voki.com.

Step 2. Design your character and add a voice.  You can record your voice or use the T symbol to type the text you want your character to speak.

Step 3. Choose ‘Publish’, then follow the prompts on screen.  (You don’t need to create an account.)

Step 4. Select and copy the text in the field under ‘For Most Sites Use This Code’ (See below.).


Step 5. Add a new post to your blog and select the HTML tab (essential). Then paste the code you copied in step 4 into the post field and choose ‘Publish’ (See below.).


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