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Ultranet meets Google Docs at Winters Flat Primary School

Today students in year 5 and 6 at Winters Flat Primary School logged into the Ultranet to view their ICT tasks and were delighted to discover that they now had their own accounts on the school’s new Google Apps for Education domain at  Web 2.0 technologies like the Ultranet and Google Apps work conveniently in a web browser, make collaboration easy and make hunting for that file or email attachment a thing of the past.

Students are already collaborating on creative writing tasks using Google Docs.  Here’s an example of what’s possible.  The video shows the development of a piece of writing by a Canadian primary student using Google Docs.  (If YouTube is blocked at your school, this is worth watching at home.)


3 thoughts on “Ultranet meets Google Docs at Winters Flat Primary School

  1. I now have a much better idea of the possibilities of using Google Docs to help students improve their writing. It’s great that they can get that feedback from peers and teacher and take it on board to polish the final product.

  2. I think it’s a great movement by Google. By using web 2.0 technology the school authority and students will be pleased and along side it’ll also help the Google to expand its era more. Nice allocation!! Thanks 🙂

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