This is a backup copy of my blog teacher.global2.vic.edu.au hosted on the Victorian State Department of Education and Training’s Edublog’s Campus Site Global 2 in case it is decommissioned some day. It contains my thoughts on technology and its impact on education. It is intended primarily for teachers and parents interested in education, though some posts are also suitable for younger students. The views expressed do not represent those of my employers or clients – they are all my own, unless of course, they also happen to be yours or theirs.

I began my working life as a school teacher at Silverton Primary School in 1977 and became an elearning evangelist.  I started an ICT business in 1985, sold my business in July 2007 and moved to the country for a quieter, more relaxed lifestyle with my wife and two young daughters.   When my eldest daughter started school I began helping out with ICT at her school.  Soon I was helping other schools in the area.  Things aren’t so quiet any more – there’s so much happening with technology in schools!


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  1. HI there. I really like what you are on about. I am just about to start my own elearning business on the Central Coast in NSW. I am studying the Google Apps for Education course to become a trainer. It seems quite involved. I am a high school teacher so I am looking at how teachers can incorporate IWBs, iphones and ipads, screen casting to name a few into the classroom to enage students to become lifelong learners using technology.

    I am having trouble finding good people to follow on Twitter in this area. I found the #edchat and #ukedchat helpful but do you know of any Aussie twitter chats for education? I’m a little new at this twitter thing and really loving it.

    Looking forward to following your tweets,


    1. Hello Kathryn, good to hear you’re working towards becoming a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) trainer. I’d love to see more schools take advantage of GAFE
      Here’s a great post about Twitter hashtags in education from Kathleen Morris. Other hashtags worth checking include: #GCT (Google Certified Teachers), #ADE2011 (Apple Distinguished Educators), #plpconnectu (Professional Learning Practice network), #mlearning (mobile learning), #ECE (Early childhood education), #iPadEd (iPads in education) and #spedchat (Special education). As a GAFE trainer it would be well worth joining Google+ too. In Google+ I could share my Google Certified Teacher and Trainer circle with you. That would provide you with a link to a great pool of educational talent with special expertise in Google Apps.

  2. I’m so glad you commented on my blog post. I went to kindergarten and about half of first grade in a little town called Wagga Wagga in NSW way back in the early ’70s before the chants of, “Yankee, go home!!!” (In protest of the Vietnam war) convinced my parents that moving back to “The States” was a really good idea. It’s nice touching base with a fellow Aussie. Even if I’m only one at heart.

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